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Coppersaurus has his day in Court..

Tomorrow, CityFibre’s Judicial Review of the Advertising Standards Agency’s (ASA’s) decision not to change the rules on fake “fibre” advertising will be heard in the High Court, arguing that now is the time to revisit that backward-looking decision.   Over the last few months, the Coppersaurus campaign has toured the … View details

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Dated infrastructure leaves UK gamers lagging behind

How a full-fibre future could transform the gaming experience Every day, the UK’s 32 million gamers are united by an all-too-familiar enemy – the Coppersaurus. Lurking below their feet in the form of unreliable dated infrastructure, the Coppersaurus wreaks havoc on connections – often at crucial moments. We decided to … View details

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Coppersaurus - out of the ground and on the road

This month, the star of our campaign, the Coppersaurus, started his tour, taking the message of frustratingly slow internet and outdated advertising standards out on the road. When planning the Coppersaurus’ (slow) schedule, we wanted to make sure we took him out to meet the people who need to hear … View details

  A couple of weeks ago, Coppersaurus campaigner Laura Osborne was lucky enough to be interviewed by Emma Gannon for her podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete. The episode is now online here. For those of you who haven’t heard Ctrl Alt Delete before, Emma talks about tech, life online and work as it … View details

The Coppersaurus is a metaphor for everything that is wrong with the UK’s aging copper broadband infrastructure. 96% of the UK is still on a connection that uses copper – but 24% already think they have fibre to the premises. Why? Misleading broadband adverts that allow copper connections to be … View details

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How Virgin Media has reacted to the Coppersaurus message

The Coppersaurus has always been about unearthing the truth. As part of our campaign to empower consumers with knowledge about how their ‘fibre’ broadband connection really reaches their home, CityFibre’s CEO Greg Mesch wrote to the heads of the UK’s leading broadband providers calling for increased transparency. Interestingly, Virgin issued … View details

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Coppersaurus in the media

Copper should be an extinct technology – and we are not the only ones who think so. See what other people are saying about the outdated telecommunications infrastructure beneath our feet and the prehistoric guidelines that allow it to masquerade as fibre.   City AM “Where you live should not … View details

The UK’s copper telecommunications infrastructure is holding back our ability to keep pace with modern working trends and putting us at risk of falling further behind our global rivals. We recently commissioned new research that highlights the impact this redundant ‘technology’ is having on broadband customers across the UK. We … View details

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Coppersaurus - why "unearthing" the truth matters

Across the UK, consumers are being unwittingly duped by copper connections masquerading as “fibre” – and the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) guidelines are allowing this to continue. At the end of July, the Coppersaurus campaign was launched to “unearth” the truth about what’s going on in the cables underneath our … View details

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