CityFibre meets Emma Gannon to help Ctrl Alt Delete the Coppersaurus


A couple of weeks ago, Coppersaurus campaigner Laura Osborne was lucky enough to be interviewed by Emma Gannon for her podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete. The episode is now online here.

For those of you who haven’t heard Ctrl Alt Delete before, Emma talks about tech, life online and work as it is today, now that so many more of us are multi-hypenates rather than the more traditional 9 to 5ers. Emma also wrote the best-selling book on The Multi-Hyphen Method, which looks at the opportunities the internet has created to work differently. 

CityFibre sponsored an episode of the podcast because there is a clear link between the internet connection you have and how flexibly you can work outside the office, as well as the tech you can access from your home. 

We wanted to use Emma’s podcast as a way to have a wider conversation about the reality of the outdated copper-based infrastructure beneath our feet and the risk that this will hold us back as we seek to compete in a changing global economy. We also wanted to take a look at all the ways a better connection facilitates connected homes, transport and cities; and what that might mean for us all in the future, from voting online to on-screen diagnoses. Finally, Emma and Laura talked about what needs to happen to make the Government’s full fibre vision a reality for the UK. 

The discerning listener will also spot a reference to Laura’s daughter’s Peppa pig phone (not reliant on any connection, except with her imagination) and to Habbo Hotel, which you may or may not remember, as they canter through growing up on the internet and what’s ahead in the world of work for the next generation. 

We hope you find the podcast and the issues discussed insightful, and important. To join the fightback against misleading advertising guidelines, sign the petition now.

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