Consumer champion Dominic Littlewood joins the Coppersaurus campaign

The Coppersaurus is a metaphor for everything that is wrong with the UK’s aging copper broadband infrastructure. 96% of the UK is still on a connection that uses copper – but 24% already think they have fibre to the premises.

Why? Misleading broadband adverts that allow copper connections to be described as fibre. We need the rules to change so that people know what’s on offer and don’t over pay for something they can’t yet receive.

That’s why today, we took the fight direct to the ASA, outside its offices in Holborn in central London. We protested outside with consumer champion Dominic Littlewood, who has backed the campaign and thrown his weight behind the need for change.

Dominic said: “Consumers in the UK have consistently been buying broadband services that aren’t really what the ads are telling us they are. We need change to help educate UK consumers about the differences between true fibre and copper-based broadband services, so that they are well prepared for the copper switch-off when it comes. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the consumer to work out what is actually the real thing – nor should they be paying a premium for a technology that they are not currently getting.”

If you agree and want to join him in the fightback, sign the campaign petition – we’d welcome your support. 

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