Coppersaurus has his day in Court..

Tomorrow, CityFibre’s Judicial Review of the Advertising Standards Agency’s (ASA’s) decision not to change the rules on fake “fibre” advertising will be heard in the High Court, arguing that now is the time to revisit that backward-looking decision.


Over the last few months, the Coppersaurus campaign has toured the country, meeting thousands of you and hearing about your frustrations with the misleading claims made about copper-reliant broadband in advertising.


Over 5,500+ have supported the campaign for change, sending your experiences into the ASA and signing the petition. And now the Digital Minster Margot James MP, has herself said she agrees that the current approach isn’t right:


“I agree with my Hon. Friend on the definition of […] a full-fibre connection. We do not mean a hybrid version; we mean fibre to the premises. I sympathise with what he said about what I agree is misleading advertising.”


Over the course of the campaign, over 1.6 million people have watched our video on why this is such a problem for the UK – for our future competitiveness, for our digital infrastructure and for accessing the technology we increasingly need in our homes. The rules have already changed in France and Italy; we mustn’t fall further behind.


Full fibre is a catalyst, bringing economic growth to towns and cities across the UK and providing the backbone for smart technologies, 5G and the Internet of Things. Copper isn’t, simple as that. To allow providers to continue to pretend that what is on offer is the same, only misleads consumers further.


We hope that when the Court case concludes, the ASA will redo its research and think again about its conclusions. But that alone isn’t enough. We now need Government and the telecoms regulator Ofcom to take action and sort this out once and for all.


So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to show your support – we’ve wrapped up all our campaign findings here – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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