Coppersaurus - out of the ground and on the road

This month, the star of our campaign, the Coppersaurus, started his tour, taking the message of frustratingly slow internet and outdated advertising standards out on the road.

When planning the Coppersaurus’ (slow) schedule, we wanted to make sure we took him out to meet the people who need to hear from him most.

His first stop was EGX– the UK’s biggest gaming event. Recently, we carried out some research that revealed gamers in the UK are frequently frustrated by slow download speeds and poor-quality connections. In fact, two thirds (66%) of gamers surveyed cited that a poor-quality internet connection interrupts their gaming at least once a week.

As expected, many gamers and developers at the conference had faced the wrath – and the lag – of the Coppersaurus. The same view was echoed in our survey – the UK needs the best connectivity to be able to take advantage of gaming innovations.

We will be dedicating a whole blog to taking an in-depth look into the experience of gamers and connectivity, so watch this space for updates.

Next on the copper roadshow was Birmingham, this year home to the Conservative Party Conference, at the end of September. This presented a crucial audience for us, as we reminded Government of the need consumers have for clearer information and the risk of relying on dated infrastructure.

What many people still don’t know is that the UK Government has committed to a target of 100% full fibre coverage by 2033. This is an enormous task, especially if uptake is stifled by misleading ads that allow people to believe they already have something they actually don’t.

At present, only 5% of UK homes have access to full fibre. When you compare this to the rest of the world, we are lagging miles behind. Full fibre connections are faster, more reliable and offer near unlimited bandwidth when compared with traditional copper-based networks. They are also greener in terms of energy and materials consumption – they just make sense for the future.

At the conference, our plea was about preparing the country ahead of the copper switchover. And, much like the digital switchover, the country’s residents have a right to be informed.

The final stop on the first leg of Coppersaurus’ tour was the Peterborough STEM Festival. It was an interesting stop for us, given that Peterborough is one of the first cities in the UK to benefit from city-wide Gigabit-capable full-fibre broadband.

The audience was a fantastic mix of those operating at the cutting age of STEM industries and those who will help shape the industry in the future. Digital technology is transforming the STEM space, with world-changing solutions becoming increasingly reliant on innovative digital technologies that must be trusted and reliable.

To keep up with the fourth industrial revolution and to drive it forward in areas including robotics and the Internet of Things, we must invest in modern infrastructure. It seemed fitting, therefore, for the Coppersaurus to rear its ugly head at an event designed to inspire the future.  

We received an enormous amount of support from visitors who clearly understood the important role clarity and consumer advocacy will play in shaping Britain’s digital future.

Over the three stops, we received the additional support of c. 1,000 people – which is incredible. We want to get the Coppersaurus message to everyone who will benefit from a greater knowledge of how our digital infrastructure works now, what we need for the future and how they can avoid overpaying for a service they may not be receiving.

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