Coppersaurus - why "unearthing" the truth matters

Across the UK, consumers are being unwittingly duped by copper connections masquerading as “fibre” – and the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) guidelines are allowing this to continue.

At the end of July, the Coppersaurus campaign was launched to “unearth” the truth about what’s going on in the cables underneath our streets.

Why? Because as a nation, we have committed to full fibre across the UK by 2033 but currently only 4% of the country can access a full fibre connection. Achieving this step change in connectivity is critical for the success of our digital economy, as we currently place a miserable 35th globally for internet speed, behind Madagascar.

However, for this picture to change, consumers need to know what connection they have now and what will be available to them in future – otherwise, they have no transparency over what they currently pay for or what they have the option to upgrade to.

We believe the ASA has the power to make a huge difference here – and that clearing up this confusion is critical, particularly as genuine fibre will be available to millions in only a couple of years’ time.

The campaign launch highlighted new research which revealed a huge 65 per cent of broadband customers weren’t aware their current connection relied on copper cables to reach their home. This research went on to highlight that 78% of UK broadband consumers feel slowed down and frustrated by their internet connection – so much so that for many, it is inhibiting their ability to work flexibly and to keep up with new technology.

We are asking consumers to help to change this picture with us. So far, thousands of you have visited our site and hundreds have sent letters on to the ASA demanding change. We are grateful for all the support and will continue to champion the need for change both via the campaign and in the Courts.

There is more to come – stay up to date with the campaign on Facebook, Twitter or the Coppersaurus website. Help spread word and make copper an extinct technology.

We are CityFibre – the UK’s full fibre infrastructure provider. We are building transformative technology across the UK, installing connections with near-limitless speed. We want consumers to know what this technology can offer them so that they can make an informed choice in the future. No one should be paying for a fibre connection and receiving it over copper cables – it is time for the industry to change how it advertises and for the ASA to force its hand.

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