Dated infrastructure leaves UK gamers lagging behind

How a full-fibre future could transform the gaming experience

Every day, the UK’s 32 million gamers are united by an all-too-familiar enemy – the Coppersaurus.

Lurking below their feet in the form of unreliable dated infrastructure, the Coppersaurus wreaks havoc on connections – often at crucial moments.

We decided to conduct research of our own to discover just how much of an effect slow internet has on gamers across the country.

Our Censuswide survey of over 1,000 serious gamers found that connectivity issues (too much lag) had hit more than half (54%) of respondents’ gaming performance, while 45% said it had even lost them a match.

Two thirds (66%) said that the responsiveness of their internet connection – or that of other players – had interrupted their gaming experience at least once a week and 6 in 10 (60%) had been unable to enjoy a game as a result.

What’s perhaps most worrying is that the research also revealed that gamers spend an incredible six and a half days a year waiting for games to update and over two and a half days a year for games (or an expansion packs) to download.*

With new releases coming in at over 100 GB, downloading the new COD: Black Ops 4 at the UK’s mean download speed of 18.57mbps, would take 12 hours. That’s longer than it would take to fly to developer Treyarch’s headquarters in California or finish the main campaign of any of the previous editions.

It’s also holding us back from adopting new innovations. Almost four in 10 (38%) said they thought their connection would discourage them from adopting or participating in 4K gaming; 45% thought it would inhibit them from getting involved in online tournaments and over a third (34%) said it would hold them back from exploring virtual reality gaming – the latest frontier in gaming technology.

The survey findings cast a spotlight on the profound impact delayed investment in next generation full fibre could have on the growth and future success of Britain’s thriving gaming community and its significant market position.

As the limits of our aging infrastructure are reached, gamers will become increasingly frustrated with the services they are able to access. This could present a major threat to the sector’s ability to grow, and UK gamers’ ability to play.

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* Calculations for potential times spent waiting for a game (expansion pack) to download or games to update were calculated by deriving the mean spent each month for each and then multiplying by 12 to get a yearly figure.

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