How Virgin Media has reacted to the Coppersaurus message

The Coppersaurus has always been about unearthing the truth.

As part of our campaign to empower consumers with knowledge about how their ‘fibre’ broadband connection really reaches their home, CityFibre’s CEO Greg Mesch wrote to the heads of the UK’s leading broadband providers calling for increased transparency.

Interestingly, Virgin issued a rather bold response via the media, insisting that it uses the term ‘superfast’ rather than fibre when advertising its connections. If this statement were true, it would be a fantastic win for the campaign. However, following a quick scan of the Virgin website, it seems that much like the Coppersaurus masquerading as fibre below our feet – this statement isn’t exactly the whole truth.

Virgin Media broadband

At the time of writing, that “faff free fibre” claim was still live on its site – and even the ‘superfast’ they mentioned is in fact described as ‘superfast fibre’ in its online ads.

If you click through and keep reading, you will only be met with an even more confusing the statement that claims its coaxial copper connection is faster than fibre-optic

How can this possibly be the case – and what is really going on here?

This is a worrying example of the ridiculous practices the Advertising Standards Authority guidelines allow. There is now so much confusion that copper services are claiming to be faster than fibre, which can never be true. But in fact, the ‘fibre-optic’ service Virgin referring to is not true fibre-optic at all ––rather it’s a reference to Openreach’s ‘fibre’ services, which still rely on part-copper infrastructure. Confused? That’s what they are hoping for it seems.

The question remains – how can it be right for Virgin Media (or anyone else) to advertise like this?

For consumers to make an informed choice, they need all the facts. Not deliberately confusing and misleading information from two of the markets’ biggest names.

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